SV Group`s Transactional Advisory, Gets the Juices Flowing

Transactional Advisory

Transformation events, decisive moments and transactions like mergers and acquisitions are quite common in the financial industry. At times, extraordinary situations demand the involvement of expert-based solutions. Our expertise in the capital market and well-formed communication model assures the flow of information to and from all stakeholders. The deliverance of timely and clear messages in help in the resolution of issues and plays primary role in continuous trust building. Following are few areas we address through our advisory services,

  • Media management
  • Flawless processing

See the Light through Bankruptcies

There is nothing to celebrate in bankruptcy. When corporate proceeds for declaring a bankruptcy things starts getting shaky. Such an event brings a huge negative impact on the overall image and perception of the corporation. However, with the help of proper communication and accurate confidence building measures you can keep your stakeholders engaged. Partner with the SV Group and let us protect your reputation. It might be a start of better narrative and future ahead, so don’t consider it as the end of the world.

Acquisition and Mergers 

Business for the achievement of common goals and bigger interests do merge with their counterparts. It is a common thing. Similar is the case with acquisitions. Each of such a large transaction leads us to several challenging and complicated questions. Here comes the role of an intermediating body. We have a vast experience in handling such transaction on both a national and international level. From deal position to approval and announcement – we will take care of everything. Feel healthy while negotiating with having a transactional advisory service at your side.

Fantastic Launching Pad for IRO (Initial Public Offerings)

It always remains a remarkable day in the life of business when it chooses to go for initial public offerings. Let us provide you with all the necessary support and services for launching and execution of a perfect transaction here as well. We have an extensive network of communication and our ties with the relevant media are incomparable. From the preparation and finishing of roadshows to the selection of underwriting – we will create and provide you with a fantastic launching pad!

  • Other Service Areas
  • Dual Track Readings
  • Activism & Governance
  • Divestitures & Spins-Offs

Our Communication Infrastructure is Our Strength

Being an IR Firm, we do keep ourselves engaged with almost everyone including individuals and institutions. Our vast, high and growing communication infrastructure is our core strength. Whatever is the kind of a decisive transaction you are considering about – SV Group is going to make it look easy for you.