SteinbergValentino has worked with small-cap companies for many years and helped them enhance their market appeal—through genius marketing strategies. Over the years, SteinbergValentino has worked hard to establish relationships with OTC market-makers, institutional investors, private investment firms, investment bankers, and retail investors. All of whom that specifically targeted and sought opportunities for emerging growth.This extensive network, coupled with high-quality production capacity, enable SteinbergValentino to provide its clients with easy access to a distinguished investment community.

SteinbergValentino has a unique position which allows it to effectively convey your company story to the most favourable targeted audience. As a client of SteinbergValentino, you are in the know of all the processes and innovative technology used to maintain transparency and promote engagement and shareholder messaging.

SteinbergValentino offers in-house video and audio facility that hosts ‘Shareholder Chatting’ with the company spokesperson to keep shareholders up-to-date and interested in your company’s operations. SteinbergValentino has made available these broadcasts to our ever-growing database of clients, shareholders and other interested external parties. Listeners have the option to e-mail questions during these broadcasts, which allows you to provide live and direct responses—thus increasing attractiveness.

One big mistake many of the investor relations firms make is that they overlook the value of the existing shareholder base. We believe that consistent communication and engagement with our clients and their shareholders is vital, as it lets them know that they are valued. We consider pretend-interviews aimed only at faking interest in them, and bogus analyses an insult to the shareholders. It is one of the pillars of our job to let shareholders know your company insights and market value potential.

The Shareholder Services We Offer Include:

1. Processing of information requests and attending shareholder calls

2. Reaching out to investors and sharing information about your company.

3. Producing regular Investor Information and shareholder communication sheet that notifies of important milestone updates, revenue growth updates, contract news and finance news about your company.

4. Monitoring of OTC internet message boards regarding your company.

5. Regular monitoring of activity on the virtual market regarding your company.

6. Maintaining consistent contact with your company shareholder-base to ensure your announcements reach them once we carry out initial mailings/outreach.

7. Hosting conference calls and recording timely earnings.

As a SteinbergValentino client, you will work with an enthusiastic team of experts supervised by experienced practitioners. The supervisors provide both extra staffs—when you need it—and high-level strategic guidance. Our team has a diverse portfolio of expertise across a variety of fields. We collaborate with our clients to ensure that they reap the most benefits of advice from our most knowledgeable in-house professionals.

Since no client is the same as the next client, each of our Investor Relations program is custom made to satisfy the individual needs of every company. Newly public companies without in-house IR teams rely most on our IR Guide services to help them market themselves to Wall Street and communicate with them daily. Clients also value our Analytics Services as it helps them better understand their performance in comparison to their peers and the overall market. We prepare scheduled custom interpretive reports for each client-specific data report needs and preferences. 

SteinbergValentino provides Corporate Governance training to newbie executives in the public company arena. The program helps them to quickly get acquainted with crucial subjects such as how to not come in conflict with rules and public disclosure requirements. They can then begin communicating with various investor audiences.

It is safe to say that the most valuable asset of a company is its reputation, and with successful companies comes the risk of media attention during a corporate crisis. Thus, to avoid blunders, we provide trained senior executives as spokespeople as management of corporate issues. They operate skilfully in communicating with the news media. They also speak with investors and external audiences during a crisis to control the message and protect the dignity of your company.

By taking advantage of the volume discounts we negotiate for services like website development, newswire distribution, webcasts and conference calls, all of our clients save up thousands of dollars on investment relations vendor services per year. We never mark up our out-of-pocket client expenses.