SV Group is known for its plethora of abilities and aptitude for success. It is an Investors Relations building firm operating in full speed in every possible dimension. In essence, SV is all about creating beneficial business connections and enhancing reachability. We have immense experience in the financial industry, and we favour innovation, thus, making us the perfect answer to all of your needs.

SV Group’s team has plenty of relevant experience and domain expertise, which helps us to better serve as a well-informed and objective resource on all IR matters. We deliver par excellent counsel on a wide variety of fields affecting public companies such as M&A transactions, periodic earnings, financial guidance, capital increases, investor interaction strategies, and shareholder communications. We tap into Nasdaq’s vast pool of resources to carefully craft and implement the most complimentary programs to meet the needs of each of our clients.

As Nasdaq’s client, you can expect assistance wherever needed and with every aspect of investor communications which includes managing conference calls, earnings releases, investor presentations, Q&A preparation, and serving as the contact point for both the selling and buying side of the trade. In short, we bridge the communication gap between your company and its investors. We keep an extensive knowledge of our clients—their preferences, their aims, their specific ideals, etc.—which enables us to communicate efficiently on their behalf as a primary. We act as a liaison between the management team of our client and Wall Street.

Nasdaq takes on a proactive approach to create meaningful bonds with key investors and analysts on Wall Street. We achieve this by making use of targeted outreach and deep network. Nasdaq continually invests in these relationships on your behalf, securing successful investment deals. We work by first taking a look at and understanding your company and its long-term growth strategy. Then we skillfully seek out appropriate long-term investors on the buy-side, who align with this growth strategy.

Our outreach plan includes:

1. Analyst introductions

2. Key investor conference attendance

3. Coordination of non-deal roadshows

4. Site visits

5. Stats analysis days

6. Trade shows

6. Media plans for finance to create and strengthen relationships.

All of these methods expand the sell-side coverage.

Our clients make up an integral part of our team. We work as partners with all our clients to serve as a contact point for day-to-day activities. We take advantage of our manifold corporate finances and communications expertise as much as we can. Through this, we give clients a ready-to-go platform of inexhaustible services such as:

comprehensive communication, strategic consulting, consistent reporting, and proactive outreach.

Beyond traditional investor relationships, our executives work hard to provide comprehensive advisory services.

A well-articulated story is the heart of the institutional following of a company. Our team understands the minds of investors and analysts work. So the team works accordingly to communicate the key-metrics of your story. We achieve this through foolproof methods such as: presenting investor presentations, financial and operational press releases, displaying corporate fact sheets, conducting pre-earnings call surveys, making earnings call scripts and presentations, preparing Q&A’s, making post-earnings commentary, collecting investor feedback, gathering IR website content and messaging, and so much more.

In today’s day and age, companies and corporations are increasingly competing against one another for mindshare and capital of investors. That is why it is of utmost importance to have a partner on your side who persists in consistently communicating your story to key influencers on Wall Street. Having Nasdaq as your partner elevates your company profile as we provide you with a gateway to the investment community.

We achieve this by placing in motion failsafe strategies which include:

1. Making use of our perennial and comprehensive buy-side relationships—family offices, money managers, retail brokers, high net worth individuals, etc.

2. Targeting sell-side outreach

3. Proactive company marketing—which includes conferences, roadshows, and intro calls

4. Analysis days, headquarters visit, and investor events at tradeshows in the industry,

Maintenance of consistent reposting is a tenet of Nasdaq Firm. We display visible results through our proprietary intermediate reporting system. These reports provide us with an insight into the reach of your company IR program. Thus, measuring the effectiveness of the system against your aims and objectives.