SV Group`s Media Strategy Service – Empowering Clients!

If your business is lagging behind? Don’t miss it out – the culprit can be a fouled media strategy as well. SV Group believes, a good influx of investments cannot be maintained without a real media outreach. For this, a well-thought media strategy is one of the basics to start with. We have guts to handle stuff, stretched in between traditional media to modern means including online and social media.

Media Relations – the Pillar of our Media Strategy Service

Media relations should have to be the most influential element of your media strategy. Firms, seeking funds from the public domain cannot attain desired results without capitalizing the power of the media. Don’t forget – extensive and appropriate media coverage can bring a positive impact on your firm’s credibility as well. Credibility earned in such a way will help you in attracting more investors and thus more liquidity. SV Group`s approach is straightforward and practical. We work hard for improving our client`s visibility over each kind of media. Being a strategic partner of several national and international media outlets – we can fetch serious opportunities for our customers.

Common Elements we used to Focus

SV Group`s Media Strategy team don’t follow any fixed paradigms. What we do is different and more useful. We evaluate each case as an isolated one. A strategy and plan are settled only after a systematic and detailed examination of each client`s specific needs and business configuration. However, following are a few elements that remain almost universal in each case;

  • Press releases, their creation and extensive distribution
  • Bridging of gaps between our client and media outlets
  • Sponsored interviews, stories, and press conferences
  • Research for newer opportunities
  • Handling of communications during emergencies

We Will Help in Creation of “Catchy” Content – For Continued Exposure

SV Group believes its quality content that can assist in the creation of organic and bilateral communications with the media. We have seen a lot of good firms falling short of getting enough exposure as they overlook the element of “catchiness” while creating their content. Media – have its limitations and interests. Thus, we play our role in the achievement of a better synchronization between client`s content production approach and media`s requirements.

Social Media – For Branding, Leads, and Social Profiling

According to a US specific research that dates back to 2012, more than 67% of adults are using social media, and out of them, 25% comes with a background in personal finance and investment industry. Consider, how potent option social media is. That is why the SV Group is operating a separate social media department where multi-skilled professionals are searching newer prospects for our clients. We believe – friendly interactions with quality leads on a social media platforms are no longer an odd now. In addition to this, these platforms are also great for reputation management, marketing, and branding. Call us now and let us discuss – are you reaping the amplest of its benefits or not!