TSX Marketing is an Investor Relations Firm, led by the passionate Cristina Bittante, a results-oriented business graduate who has over ten years of experience working as a marketing strategist in highly competitive investor markets. She is a quick-minded genius who has an inherent ability to create bridges between people and new ideas. Since she started her career in finance, Cristina has gathered successful IPOs, multiple financings, and investor relations initiatives under her belt. She has successfully developed and established countless brands for both private and public companies.

TSX Marketing constructs company stories that stand out of the ocean of companies and thus, sell. We are superb at enhancing the label of a company by designing spell-binding materials that promote investor understanding and confidence. Often-times subpar and second-rate marketing strategies compromise the perceived proficiency of a company. Let us be real, and accept that not all Investor Relations experts are artists or adept strategists. That is where TSX Marketing comes in as it was designed mainly to bridge the gap between the limited graphic capabilities of a public company and the learning curve required to undergo by a graphic designer that leads one to understand—and increase—investor appeal. We create enthralling investor relations, web designs, and tools that are often sustainable by a public company, after establishing these foolproof tools.

TSX Marketing is a leading Investor Relations firm that works to service all publicly represented companies on all Canadian and American markets.

At TSX Marketing Firm, our key role is to be there on the phone at all times.

Our motivated and dedicated IR professionals spend a large chunk of their day:

1. Getting in touch with financial advisors to introduce them to your company

2. Grabbing the attention of the investors to press releases

3. Checking up on the interests of the brokers involved

4. Increasing the visibility of your company

5. Calling on certified industry professionals to invite them to attend corporate presentations

6. Informing financial investors on the progress of the company and corporate milestones reached—that was set by the clients—to keep them in the loop, and interested for further support

TSX Marketing professionals, more than happily accept all incoming calls or information requests from the markets on behalf of your company. It is indispensable that no queries go unsolved and questions unanswered. So for that matter, we ensure to respond in a timely and effective manner. We will be the driving force that will help you to achieve your corporate milestones and focus on day-to-day operations by handling:

Press releases and general inquiries relating to your company; existing shareholders’/financial advisors’ requests for updates and news on company progress; information requests made by potential investors

An elementary facet of our IR services is the guarantee of timely reporting of relevant company stats and information to existing and prospective shareholders.

The interested parties will receive the following benefits from TSX Marketing:

1. Amazing Corporate packages—including financial statements, press releases, corporate presentations, conference call timetables, follow-up calls and check-ins made by account managers to make sure that the investors receive all the requested updates.

2. Feedback—this is to help senior managers and the IR team compute the opinions of existing and future financial advisors and investors. We will give verbal feedback to your company that will be important as it will come from the financial community.

3. Virtual roadshows before the promise of equity or debt security. These leverage the influence of live shows with webinar technology. Virtual events are an economical method to reach your audience. They are an excellent way to expand the target audience and raise audience engagement as it comes with a real-time Q&A session. Further benefits of virtual shows include the option to view on-demand, on the road, and according to your schedule.

TSX Marketing Firm’s Mandate:

Our directive is to provide aid in your efforts to market your company with efficiency. We achieve this by:

– Making timely calls to industry professionals

– Finding out their specific interests

– Booking the venues and fulfilling the requirements for conducting successful events

– Checking in with the industry professionals after the events conclude—to collect feedback

– Forwarding this feedback to the management.